Message From The President

The shipping industry has consistently changed over the past several decades, and so has SEACORP.  Around 500 BC, the Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus stated, “Change is the only constant in life.”  For many of us working in the logistics industry, these timeless words continue to prove to be true.  However, some of the foundational values have remained constant within SEACORP.  SEACORP strives to operate by our core values on a daily basis.  Over time, these values have enabled SEACORP to weather and survive the storms that have affected our industry, i.e. floods and hurricanes; 2008 recession; 9/11; 2012 Longshore Workers’ Strike; intermodal capacity crunch of 2018; and now the COVID-19 pandemic closing international borders and quarantines of entire countries.

Whatever the current challenge is, SEACORP remains committed, professional, caring and trustworthy.  Our reputation is our lifeline, and you can trust SEACORP to care about your cargo; be accountable for it to reach the destination, in the most efficient, economical, and timely manner possible.  We are here for you, the customer!  We are solid!   And we are all dependent upon one another to get through the current and future obstacles we face in this world.

SEACORP can be trusted to deliver and we appreciate your support!

Myra Heavner
President, SEACORP

SEACORP President Myra Heavner

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“Myra, You have renewed my faith in COSCO. Your work has been appreciated. Let Katherine know and I will make an effort to choose COSCO when I can.”

- J. Arthur Haddow C.E.O. Premier van lines International