“Good morning,  The update: the container was delivered to the hospital and returned to the port of PAP yesterday(7/12/19). Our organization and I extend all our gratitude and appreciation  to all that make the process successful, informative and smoothly. We are planning to send 20ft or 40ft container again and we will continue to work with this amazing team. Thank you all for the patient and support.  Thank you. 
– Rose Jean Gilles , PresidentUnited Light of Hope

“From time to time, we have to use other alternatives for a variety of reasons, but I want you guys to know, that as far as I can see when it comes to customer service within the transportation industry, you guys are the only company that actually provides great customer service!!! The only ones!!! And I thank you!!!!”

“You are absolute life-saver!”

“Your team are Miracle Workers!”

“You jumped when I asked you to jump this morning and you saved the day!”

“Thanks for a great job!  Our Customer wants to use SEACORP for all of their moves!”

“We got through it in record time and so APPRECIATE all your help as always, you continually go the extra nautical mile.”

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